Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Hi everyone,

We’ve had a nice summer together. Ava has enjoyed playing in the backyard in her pool, and going to daycare with her friends. We had some big appts and procedures recently.

First, she had her dental surgery july 18th at the Stollery. She did really well, and had healed up nicely. She had her 2 front teeth extracted and 2 more caps put on her bottom teeth. She was out under general anesthetic at the Stollery.

We had some time off together as a family since august 15th. Many of it was appts for little Ava. She had her MRI on the 15th at the Stollery, where the test was done with conscious sedation. she did really well, except it was delayed till 1245 that day and she was quite hungry and thirsty 😩. We met with the plastic surgeon the following week over ZOOM to go over the results. The MRI showed her carotid arteries are in the correct spot, not deviated anywhere, which is great. We are now in the green light to move ahead with the big surgery, posterior pharyngeal flap. This will help her velopharangeal insufficiency (VPI). The surgeon is hoping it can be done before Christmas. We’re just waiting for a surgery date for this. In the procedure, they graft a piece in the back of her throat to repair her palate. She will need to be admitted on the surgical ward for 4-5 days.

Ava also had a hearing test done at the Stollery. She really likes the audiologist Margot. She’s so good with Ava, and always gives Ava a toy after every visit ☺️. Both of Avas ears are showing some fluid in them that isn’t draining out sufficiently. We are to go back for another test in 4 months. If we are seeing the same results, then ava will need to get tubes in her ears.

We seen her Pediatrician in Edmonton , Dr. Chatur. She was overal happy with Avas development and her progress. Big step next is to have the posterior pharyngeal flap completed.

Lastly, we had an eye appt for Ava. We wanted to get her eyes checked before starting kindergarten. Ava needs glasses😕. She was excited to pick her glasses colour at least and try them on. Their ordered and should be here in a couple weeks. The eye doctor said she definately needs them, as she’s quite far sighted and has a high stigmatism. She never complained about her eyes. He’s got her on a high prescription. We are glad we got them checked, and are hoping this will help her in school 🙏🏼

She’s really excited to start kindergarten. She is also excited to take the bus 🚌. The bus comes right in front of our house, for pick up and drop off. The teachers meet her right at the bus at school and he’ll escort her in. Ava is set up with an aid for kindergarten. Shes so excited to see her friends again from preschool ☺️

She just had a big birthday, she turned 5️⃣. Can’t believe Ava is 5 now. She has come so far.. Landon and I are so proud of her and everything she has overcome ❤️

One thought on “Wednesday, August 24, 2022

  1. Thank you always for the thorough updates. Little Ava (and you both) really are warriors. Once she has that last big surgery her speech will make such an improvement in her overall progress. We are all so so proud of her and you both. Ava never complains and has the heart of a lion.


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