Ways to Help


Ava’s Auntie, Victoria, here.

A lot of Ava’s friends and family have been asking how or what they can do to help, while Ava is admitted into the Stollery, and for when she’ll be recovering at home. As Stephanie and Landon are being the strongest parents they can be for Ava, it has been extremely difficult juggling life at the hospital and at home. The cost of travel from home to the Stollery, plus parking costs, meals and extra care, handling their pets and home maintenance, as well as work obligations adds further financial and emotional stress.

A few options for people if they’d like to help Stephanie and Landon are:

  • Meals – With Ava being re-admitted at the Stollery for potentially a few more weeks, cooking meals at home is no longer possible and eating out becomes quite costly. If you’d like to prepare meals for Steph and Landon, please send me an email and we can arrange to meet at their house in Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, or in Edmonton. Depending on how long they may be in the hospital, we may look into a meal-train program again (which was amazing during Ava’s first surgery – thank you everyone!).
  • Send money for coffee/gas/food gift cards – A lot of friends and family live out of town and would still like to provide a lunch or coffee, or gas money for travel. If you wish to, you may e-transfer your gift card amount to Victoria at vyanish@gmail.com and I will purchase the gift card at the desired location, and give to Steph and Landon.

Any contributions to relieve some of this and make the days easier, would be extremely appreciated.

Again, please do not feel obligated, as your well wishes and messages to them mean so much. However, I am providing this as an option for people who have been asking.