Tuesday January 31, 2023

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy last few months. Ava has been doing really well growing and developing. We took her for an eye appt and was told she needed glasses. Landon and I were both taken back as she never complained of her vision , she had just accustomed so well and that was “normal” to her. She adjusted really well to them and keeps them on all the time 🙏🏼 .

Avas been doing speech 1-2 times a week. She has shown significant progress with her vocabulary and sounds. She is in kindergarten 4 days a week, and day care on fridays. She absolutely loves school. The school is so amazing working with Ava, they are so patient with her. They work with her toilet routines and try to give her as much independence as possible.

We announced in the fall that we are expecting another baby. ❤️ We are beyond blessed. This was a big decision that involved a lot of consults and dr appts. As many of you know, Avas digeorges diagnosis was not detected in pregnancy. When Ava was in and out of hospital, surgery after surgery, it was not even a possibility to look at extending our family… our focus needed to be her and only her. Carrying another baby with fear of another diagnosis, or carrying another with “normal” ultrasounds and check ups was so scary for us. We met with geneticists and consulted OBGYNs. Last year we had moved forward, but had a miscarriage.. After almost a year, we were pregnant again. We have done extra genetic testing, and gone to the Royal Alex for ultrasounds. So far we have had negative results and everything looks good 🙏🏼 we also found out we are expecting a girl ❤️Ava is beyond excited. She is SO excited to have a sister. We are very blessed to be extending our family, as for the longest time we didn’t think this was going to be an option for us.

We were told initially that Avas palate surgery, posterior pharyngeal flap, would have been done before Christmas. The timeframe unfortunately continues to be bumped back .We were hopeful it was going to be before baby is born, but we were just updated that it is spring or summer… this devastated us.. to encounter another Stollery surgery is stressful as it is- but to juggle a newborn and on Mat leave.. we will take it when it comes- just like we always do🙏🏼. For now, hopeful we will get a surgery date soon.

An update with Avas hearing is that she is waiting a consult with ENT for tubes in her ears. We were told this is typical with her condition. Overall Her hearing continues to still be ok- which we are watching closely as it’s known to have abnormalities with digeorges syndrome.

Ava continues to love riding the bus to school😊 she’s made a lot of new friends in kindergarten. We have had her in gymnastics as her first out of school activity. She’s been having a blast, and we really enjoy going to watch her as a family 😊

As always, thanks everyone for the love and support for Ava. She’s been having a wonderful year and is really looking forward to her baby sister soon ❤️

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