January 4, 2019

We are finally home. Ava was able to get her Ng tube out a couple days ago and was able to drink pedialyte. It was a challenge like last time to initiate fluids but she did way better again. She was 5 days of not allowed any food or fluids 😞, extremely hard for a toddler. She was able to tolerate some food. The physicians discharged us and we have been settling in at home. She has been such a tough girl. She just keeps on moving, and carries on. Each day she will get better with her food and fluids. Her ostomy will be a challenge for a bit as it is inflamed and has runny stool.

Her surgeon and pediatrician and medical team are amazing and watched her very carefully. Basically she caught a gastrointestinal virus which led to a partial obstruction from the severity of the virus- which is all scary with her huge medical history. We were in the cardiac/bowel unit and many kids got sick like Ava who have a large medical history that made them hospitalized. As parents we just want to bubble her to provide any sort of extra protection. We keep our house as clean/germ free as possible. Any gathering of people visiting is stressful for Landon and I as we have to be extra cautious if Ava grabs something dirty off the floor or licks her fingers, unlike another child because of her immune system. We are so thankful they were able to treat this and her body was able to settle and recover. Being at home is just a blessing. She remembered where each and every toy was that she got for Christmas and had to play with them all as soon as she seen them.

Thank u to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. We appreciate each and everyone. All the support from family and friends. Thank u Ava’s army ❤️❤️.

Here’s a picture of her in her playroom resting and watching cartoons after we got home ❤️

One thought on “January 4, 2019

  1. Ahhh, home at last! So good to hear! Stay healthy princess! You are so Loved! Mommy and Daddy, get some rest! You look a wee bit tired! Continued prayers sent for you!


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