January 9, 2019 Wednesday

We’ve been home just under a week and Ava has been recovering well. She is back to eating and drinking her normal self. Her sleeping routine is much better since hospital, each night improving. She is so energetic, giggly, and playful. We had a follow up with her pediatrician yesterday from post admission and she was happy with how Ava has recovered. I can’t stress enough how amazing her pediatrician team is. We are so fortunate to have Ava’s care under them. They watch Ava like a hawk and are the “go to” physicians at the Stollery. Her ostomy has been good at home. We have isolated her since getting discharged. She has enjoyed her play time, toys, and of course animals- we just had to be cautious. This is hard for Landon and I as we want social interaction for Ava as much as possible, with other kids. Now that she is feeling better we hope to have visitors and go see friends.

This last hospital admission really hit Landon and I, as this was not planned… came all of a sudden..and extremely unfair. In a sense I feel angry. I still feel the need to grieve of what Ava has gone through. Our anxiety has raised as we are constantly concerned with her health and ongoing. We just pray her next surgery will go well. We want that so bad for Ava and our family as a whole. It’s so hard to not be anxious about it as the severity of her surgery complications in November. We are taking it day by day, otherwise it is just too overwhelming. I think that’s why the last admission hit Landon and I emotionally as Christmas and New Years was our “break” in between with Ava in the Stollery. And that was taken away from her and us. We are thankful we are home, she is healthy now, and back to her self. It’s a new year, new season, and will be a new outlook on her next admission. Positive and hopeful. Thank u again to Ava’s army. We are blessed for your support to her and our family.

4 thoughts on “January 9, 2019 Wednesday

  1. So glad things are getting better! I don’t think she could get any cuter! Will be so nice when you all can get out to do a little visiting or have your friends and family come over to visit! Will continue to pray for all of you,that Ava continues to heal and build up a very strong immunity to protect her for what ever comes her way! Please take care and Thankyou for the updates!


  2. Hi Stephanie and Landon,

    My heart aches for the two of you. I truly can’t imagine the struggle, but should you want/need a place to go with that frustration, grief, and pain, I would be more than willing to Skype/Facetime/What’s app with you, An offer for you to take or leave as your desire.

    Love always,


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