January 1, 2019

Ava got unfortunately admitted into the Stollery on Saturday dec 29 with an alarming amount of vomiting. It was continuous for 40 hours straight. We brought her in right away cuz she was getting so dehydrated which is not good with all her underlying conditions. It is New Year’s Day and we are still here. She has a partial bowel obstruction and gastroenteritis. Her surgeon and pediatrician here believe the obstruction is most likely caused by the large amount of scar tissue in her abdomen from her multiple surgeries and the virus made it worse. She has an NG tube, IVs, antibiotics and cannot eat or drink. To keep a toddler NPO (nothing by mouth) for multiple days is beyond stressful and challenging, and with pain on top of it. She is a tough girl. She is so tired, and weak. She at least is watching her cartoons and showing signs of improvement today.

We are devastated we are here, just after Christmas during New Years. Ava has never been home for New Years before. Landon and I are so saddened she is going through this. She is showing improvement today and we pray for even more tomorrow. Keep her in your thoughts as she needs the strength to pull through and come back home.

7 thoughts on “January 1, 2019

  1. I am lighting my favorite candle for you little Ava. Be tough girl you have a long way to go. Much love. Abrazos y besos para ti.


  2. Sweet Steph, Ava and Landon – I think and pray for you all daily. Just stay strong (I know you are probably tired of hearing that) but it is truly mystifying how great you all are through all this. Any family lesser than you three would never have made it – keep going the rest of the way. Next year I promise you all three will be laughing and cleaning house New Year 2020!
    Anything you need just call – love and hugs
    Auntie Cindy


  3. All 3 of you remain in my thoughts & prayers. Even though Ava’s back in the Stollery she is in the best hands – yours & theirs. With all that for her she of course will make strides in improvement and will be home again before you know it! We love these updates & the pictures. Sending lots of love & hugs and all the best in 2019!! For now we hope you’re all home very soon laughing & giggling & eating her favorite healthy things!


  4. Thinking of you all as you once again go through a difficult time! Ava , you are one tough princess! Praying for healing and to be home soon where you all can rest and play !


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