Wednesday, November 28

Landon and I both just want to start out by saying thank u to all the prayers for our Ava. Prayers go along way and we believe they helped guide Ava in the right direction. It got so scary last week, I honestly don’t even know how to say it. Ava developed Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome with Septic Shock and needed to be ventilated, sedated, and require blood pressure support for her heart. She was extubated on the weekend, and has been heading in the right direction. We got moved out of the PICU and onto the Pediatric surgery ward (4D). She is on nutrition support (TPN) in a PICC line. Her NG tube was removed yesterday and now we are waiting until her bowels are ready , as they completely stopped after the surgery on Wednesday. She is still fighting pain and uncomfortableness . She has 2 large incisions on her abdomen ( again..).

This is all a shock to Landon and I still. It hasn’t set in where we are, grasping what Ava has all gone through.

It is a blessing to see her awake and to hold her. She is so sleepy and not herself as her body is still quite weak. The doctors are all truly amazed how she recovered in the ICU. She is the true definition of a miracle. Thank you to everyone for the messages, gifts, and supporting words.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 28

  1. You don’t have words, and neither do I. What struggle and pain for such a little one and I can’t begin to imagine what that is like for you and Landon. Ava is strong, but the two of you have proven to be strong as well. Not all marriages could cope with what your little family has been up against. I am so amazed by both of you. I am sure it has not been easy to keep each other upheld through all of this. God’s blessing on all three of you. Big hugs, and prayers always. Joyce


  2. Thankyou for the update on dear sweet Ava! Have been thinking of her constantly! Happy to hear things are improving one day at a time! Will continue to pray for you and the staff at the Stollery to be sure Ava gets the very best of care ! Once again please take care and try to get some rest! Sending gentle hugs!


  3. The update on little Ava and your family’s ordeal is so very much appreciated, Just when you think all will be well is the time ol’ Murphy rears his ugly head & has the audacity to say uh-uh not yet. Jeepers, one wonders when he will finally leave her alone & let her heal completely. Ava’s strength is remarkable as is yours & Landon’s Stephanie. I believe your & Landon’s strength is transferred to Ava so strongly that that’s why she is such a strong survivor! The prayer warriors are hard at work on your & Ava’s behalf, praying for a complete restoration of her health – it will happen; when is His business but happen it will! Both Mom & I send you tons of hugs, love, a sense of humor, prayers for an awesome recovery and for every little thing you might need. Smiles all around Auntie Rose & Nana Anne


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