December 2, Sunday

We are finally home ❤️🙏🏼, we got discharged a day and a half ago, and does it ever feel nice to be in our home all together. Ava was so excited to see her puppy, kitty and all her toys. Landon and I cranked our Christmas carols and turned on the tree as soon as we walked in the house. 🎄

It is an adjustment getting her back to her crib and begin our routine again as this last hospital stay gave her negative emotions to things that use to comfort her : her crib, drinking in bottle or sippy cup, diaper changing, and pain with playing and moving. She’s already showing she’s more comfortable and progressing since being home. She is withdrawing from her narcotics she was on, which will go on for another week. ( u withdrawal the amount of time u were on them). It’s not as bad of withdrawals as it was when she came home from her heart surgery, but it is different with her present age and development. Babies and kids will have a high pitch cry, get tremors, hallucinations, sweat, and be irritable.

She couldn’t wait to see her play room, she is managing pain incredibly with the major surgeries she just went through. It will take time, but her strength and determination amazes us. ❤️

Landon and I are busy with her dressing changes and ostomy, we are using a different appliance until her stoma and abdomen heals more, then we will go back to our old system we had routine with. We have to do dilations twice a day now to get bottom again to keep size patent. We have follow ups starting this Monday, and homecare will resume. She is eating and drinking a lot better since being home. She was so excited to go back in her high chair and watch cartoons (favourite: Backyardigans and Peppa Pig) in the living room.

All of this hasn’t still sunken in to Landon and I… its hard believing this all happened. It’s just not fair. She is such an amazing little girl. You look at her and you wouldn’t think she just went through all of that; that’s how tough she is ❤️. We are so thankful and blessed we could bring her home back to her Christmas tree. She deserves to be in her home. We thank everyone again for the prayers, well wishes, and support. We have such an amazing support system for Ava. ❤️

2 thoughts on “December 2, Sunday

  1. Once again, Thankyou for the update on you very special little girl! She is a fighter and she is your rock and you are hers! So nice for her to be at home in her happy place where everything is familiar! Praying Ava will continue to improve everyday and that mommy and daddy will get rest and tons of hugs!


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