Thursday, November 22

Ava had her surgery Monday. Post operation, she got really sick and needed to be admitted to the Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). She was getting sicker and sicker and went into septic shock due to a major infection. She got sent back to the OR last night. Her bowel showed a perforation which leak bacteria and stool all over her abdomen. She needed a colostomy again. It is very scary. she remains ventilated, sedated and requiring support for comfort. We are unsure if the infection is gone, will need to watch very carefully next few days if needs to go back for another operation.

Please keep Ava in your prayers. She is fighting, is so strong. Landon and I are in disbelief we are all here in this situation. We just want her better.

8 thoughts on “Thursday, November 22

  1. Sweet Ava is in my prayers tonight as are you and Landon. She is a mighty baby girl and with your incredible love she can fight through this as she has done in the past. Sending love , light and energy to you all.


  2. Thankyou for your difficult update! I am lost for words! Be strong Sweet Ava! Praying for total healing and that God will work through the doctors and nurses! Please try to take care of yourselves! Thinking of you continually!


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