Thursday, May 6

Hello everyone 🙂

We are finally discharged home as of this afternoon 🙂 We are so happy to give this update. Ava is doing much better and is eating and drinking well. We are all exhausted from the week and will try and catch up on some sleep this weekend. Her blood cultures came back negative after 48 hours. She had more blood work drawn this morning and it was all improved. The Pediatrician looking after her in hospital was happy with her recovery. Her Pediatrician in Edmonton, Dr. Chatur and her Pediatirican in Grande Prairie were both following her results while she was in hospital which was comforting. The doctors think this was a bad virus that got to her. She has been hospitalized from viruses a few times already, can be easy to catch. It’s hard with complex kids like Ava that a virus on one child can act very different on another.. like Ava, She amazes us with her bravery and strength. She is definitely traumatized from all the PPE and scary “pokes” and “prodding” that happened… At least we are home now and in our safe place. She was so excited to go to her room and play room. All her toys were exactly as she left them waiting for her to come back. She was so excited to see her dog and cat waiting for her at the door.

We are booked for a follow up next week with her paediatrician in Grande Prairie and then going to Edmonton Middle of May to see Dr. Chatur (Her primary Pediatrician).

We thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers for Ava. We appreciate all the comments from her blog, and all the wonderful care she received at the hospital from the staff. #


3 thoughts on “Thursday, May 6

  1. So glad to hear that she has recovered and you can all be home. She is one amazing little girl! And you are extraordinary parents!


  2. Thank God and thanks so much for always posting Steph – as we appreciate the updates. Much love and hugs to you all. Rest and have a great weekend – love always Auntie Cindy


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