Tuesday, May 3, 2021

Hello everyone,

We had to bring Ava to emergency on Monday in the afternoon. She had developed a fever for over 24 hours and was lethargic and dehydrated. We got admitted to the Pediatric ward in isolation. Her COVID test and RSV was negative 🙏🏼 however unsure what was causing this. My instinct was Ava has a history of severe UTIs with her urinary reflux, however she was clear. For now monitoring her fever, antibiotics, and fluids.

She’s doing so much better today. She keeps saying “mommy daddy, home ?”. And wants to go back to “preschool”. She was very traumatized from all the poking and assessing yesterday. This is heart breaking to see her scream “don’t want it”, especially from what she has gone through. None of this was her choice. However we are getting through, together as a family. Hoping to go home soon. Miss our animals, our beds, and bathtub.

We are so careful around Ava, extra cautious with sanitizing and keeping clean. I am fully COVID vaccinated and Landon just got his first dose Monday as he qualified as a caregiver for a child under 11 who has chronic conditions. Avas immune system has been getting stronger, however when something hits her, it hits her hard. 😞 eager to be back home.

Thanks so much for all the love and support. Will keep you updated Xoxo

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 3, 2021

  1. You got this little sweet pea! And the greatest parents ever….. we are rooting for you and for “ultra” power for your family now to find you home and safe and healthy soon. ❤️❤️❤️ Rocky & Connie Kile Sent from my iPhone



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