Thursday , March 14

We are still on the ward in peds surgery 4D. She has been more active and playful. It’s so nice to see her more like herself. It’s been slow and steady, but positive progress with Ava. Last night at 3 am her IV went interstitial (out of the vein) which was very painful for her because of the potassium and narcotics that were infusing 😞. She is a very hard start. Once they got another in she was able to fall back asleep. Her incisions to her abdomen are looking good. We were able to wean her off the dilaudid pain medication today. Will be managing the withdrawals from that. She has been so tough and has been amazing us with her strength❤️. She has passed more gas today🙏🏼 we have never been so excited to hear a “fart” haha. And she even had a small poop smear🙏🏼. Her bowels are taking their time “waking up” from the major surgery. We are still all on our toes and holding our breath waiting to see her bum fully work. The surgeon explained today to Landon and I that Ava will have constipation issues as her bum hole has so much scar tissue and is constricted. But one step at a time.. and waiting for some poop action 🤞🏼🙏🏼. We were allowed to take her for a stroller ride which she enjoyed. She was allowed a couple ounces of pediasure today which she enjoyed. Cartoons such as peppa pig and dinopaws are her current favourite. Will continue to keep u all updated. Thanks once again for all the love and prayers ❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “Thursday , March 14

  1. Love you sweet girl. Sven when times are scary, you are so brave and strong. Your fight is like no other and your smile continues to light up the room.


  2. Congrats to Ava on a successful surgery. I hope it all works well for her. She is one tough, sweet, beautiful little girl. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Landon and Ava on a successful recovery and that u get to go home soon.


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