Tuesday, March 12,2019

Hey everyone, Ava went into surgery yesterday at 11:30 am and she came back from recovery at 4:30 pm. The surgery reconnection went well, he cut out another chunk of bowel, and she needed 2 blood transfusions due to the large amount of scar tissue she has inside that bled. The surgeon said her bum hole is a bit on the smaller side so will have to watch carefully and probably continue dilations. Last night was a bit rough, we had a hard tome getting her pain under control. She came back on a dilaudid infusion for pain which wasn’t doing enough for her. She became so agitated in pain they needed to move her to a close observation room for the night. After more pain medication she finally settled and was able to sleep in our arms. We are back in our own room as of this afternoon.

The next step is waiting for her to pass gas from her bum. Her bowels essentially shut off after that surgery. So she can’t have anything to drink or eat yet which is extremely hard for a toddler 😩. Distraction and comfort has been key. She’s such a tough girl. All the nurses and doctors just think she is one of the toughest girls around from everything she has gone through. We are thinking positive thoughts for her to pass gas and see some action in her bottom. Thanks for all the prayers for our little girl. We will update again soon❤️.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 12,2019

  1. Once again Thankyou for the update on sweet Ava! She remains as cute when she is sick as when she is at home playing with her toys! Praying her bowels kick in and she starts passing gas very soon! Funny how exciting it can be for a little one to “fart” and “poop”! Take care now!


  2. So thrilled you are all home. Can’t wait to hear when she toots 😊. Soon I hope very soon.
    As always thinking of you all. 💕


  3. Thx for the update – we are all praying for Ava and all of you. It will be ok I promise. I had a similar surgery (not all the scar tissue she has though) – next couple weeks will be rough. I had 60 bm’s a day, and thought it would never be better. Then suddenly the body seems to “adjust” -mother nature is wonderful that way. Stay strong


  4. I am following your posts with great concern. Blessings to all of you who are going through this with little Ava.
    I cannot pray enough for her but I light candles for her and pray every day. I only with her well. Lillias Lippert


    1. Hey Louise, thank u so much for the prayers and love for our little Ava ❤️. She has had a better day today. Still loopy and drowsy from the narcotics. She seems to be tolerating her pain better. She has passed gas a couple times, but waiting for her to do much more. Just a waiting game now 🙏🏼 ❤️she was smiling a couple times today which was so nice to see. She’s such a tough little girl ❤️.


      1. Thankyou for replying! A little gas passing is a good start! Hope thing continue to improve each day! Stay strong wee Ava!


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