Ava turned 1!! Her upcoming Surgery

Hello Ava’s army! Landon and I can’t believe we just celebrated our Ava’s 1st birthday. Hard to believe 12 months has gone by. She has come so far, and is growing so well. We had a big birthday party for her with our family and friends.

Ava is booked for surgery Friday September 7. It is a reconstruction of her bum, creating a new bum hole and repairing surrounding scar tissue. This is a tricky procedure and we will know more post op once the surgeon is able to visual better in the OR. Long story short he is doing the first surgery again, analplasty. This is potentially 4-5 days in hospital, we will just take each day as it comes. The ostomy will remain in place the time being. There is a lot for Landon and I to prepare packing for this, and mentally preparing another admission and surgery. We will post on the blog here how things are in hospital and Ava’s progress.

Ava’s progressed with her gross motor skills. After she turned one, she is now able to go from laying on her stomach to a sitting position on her own, and hold stand (Bracing hands onto something) when propped up. This was a huge milestone as we have been working with Physio therapy increase her pelvic strength. She can scoot and do a small crawling motion, She loves to share toys, push buttons, and dance. She continues to see Physio, and will be introduced to occupational therapy and speech next month. She has learned to eat herself with her fingers, and has transitioned to table food cut up.

In July, we had a scare bringing Ava to the Stollery emerg with a high fever that wouldn’t come down. She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and needed IV fluids and IV medication, blood tests and catheter insertions for urine samples. She got a procedure called a VCUG (voiding cystouretheography) which required a catheter, then inserting dye up into the urethra and kidneys with X-ray to see if any urinary reflux. Results shown Ava did have this unfortunately. She now needs to be on long term antibiotics to help prevent UTIs and careful monitoring with any fevers.

We had a hard time getting outside this last month due to the smoke outside, but she sure enjoys all her new, fun toys inside. When the smoke cleared up, she enjoyed the sun and fresh air ☀️🌸.

Please keep Ava in your thoughts this coming Friday, as we pray for a successful surgery, healing, and quick recovery. We all feel she deserves a smooth admission and back home❤️

One thought on “Ava turned 1!! Her upcoming Surgery

  1. Thankyou for the thoughtful update on your precious AVA! She has come along way and will continue to amaze us all! I will continue to remember Ava in my prayers !


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