June 29, 2018 Friday

Hello Ava’s army!

Ava has had a really good month of June. We had our first Father’s Day together as a family and celebrated moms birthday ❤️. She is continuing to grow. We are still diluting her formula to help control her weight gain. She is continuing to eat solid foods increasing the texture consistency. She has her 2 bottom teeth and now has 2 top teeth coming through.

We met with the surgeon the middle of June and his plan is to do 2 surgeries. The first one will be beginning of September to reconstruct her rectum opening. The incision is completely closed now, continuing to strengthen and scar. We are finally allowed to use baby wipes to change her wet diapers instead of dressing gauze, something so simple like that makes things easier. We just have to do a dressing overnight when she sleeps.

After 3-4 months from the surgery in September once that heals the surgeons will look at reversing the ostomy.

Her ostomy has been doing good. We have got the hang of the products and changing it every few days. We have to adapt to certain shirts or sleepers that fit properly with it. She hardly notices it’s there which is a blessing.

We got the OK to use her excersaucer and jolly jumper again. We are also allowed to use a baby carrier which we weren’t allowed to before.

Physio still comes to the house every month to assess Ava’s gross motor skills. She’s still behind where they’d like her to be but she is catching up good. She is rolling over back and forth all the time and is learning to scoot across the floor.

Her 1st birthday will soon be coming. We cannot believe how time has flown. Landon and I still struggle with PTSD time to time from in ICU. Some days are good days, and some days not so much. But we get through together as a family.

Ava’s smile is truly contagious. She continues to laugh and steal our hearts. We will continue to post pictures of her so everyone can continue to see her grow into the beautiful girl she is.

5 thoughts on “June 29, 2018 Friday

  1. It is so nice to see her able to do things like be in the carrier and exersaucer! You can see she loves it. She is so amazing and so are you guys. I hope you all have an amazing summer. Love to you all!


  2. Such a beautiful little girl, beautiful parents, beautiful family, so love the updates. I love this blog, not to mention you as a family. I really look forward to the updates. You’re all doing so well altho’ some days it probably doesn’t seem so. So beautiful. All of you!


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