Friday August 23, 2019

Hello everyone!

Ava turned 2 Wednesday!! We can’t believe she is already 2. We had a birthday party with her friends at an indoor play place in Edmonton and she had a blast. Ava has been enjoying all her freedom of play, running around, and just being a toddler 😊. We have had a nice summer enjoying time at the parks and playing with her friends and family.. and of course no hospital visits 🙏🏼.

We see her Speech pathologist every week which has been going well. Ava does sign language to communicate with us. It is extremely helpful to relieve her frustration she has of not talking yet. (For example- eat, more, all done, please, thank you, drink). Speech gives us specific homework that Landon and I work with her.

We have lessened our Pediatrician appointments to every 2 months which has been great. Dr chatur has been so happy with Ava’s growing and development, and especially healing after her surgery in March. Her scars on her stomach are beginning to lighten and smooth out. We are booked to see her surgeon beginning of October for a follow up. He will evaluate how well her rectum is growing with her size, with the large amount of scar tissue down there. So far she has been pooping great. She continues to get a daily laxative and antibiotic for her kidneys.

I am going back to work this Monday! Ah it’s crazy. We have had our nanny start with Ava so she can get used to Ava and vice versa. So far it has been going great. It’s going to be hard with me back at work away from Ava, but we will both adjust to the time away from each other.

Landon and I both have some exciting/huge news to share with everyone! Landon has been offered to take over ownership of the Grande Prairie Fountain Tire Truck Center, which we accepted. This transaction has been in the works for a while due to Ava’s health concerns. Her Pediatrcian and Surgeon have been consulted and have agreed she is safe to go at this point in her journey☺️. We will need to come back and forth to see her pediatrician, surgeon, and many other specialists. We will have a Pediatrician in grande prairie as well to work with Ava that Dr. chatur referred us to in between. Ava will continue to see speech and occupational therapy regularly in grande prairie. This was an extremely hard decision to make as the Stollery was our safety net here in Fort Saskatchewan. But the resources and support in Grande Prairie are continuously growing and improving for medically complex children like Ava.

The transition will take place at the end of the year. It has been a whirlwind to say the least the last few months in the Deley household haha. We are beyond thankful that Ava is doing so well medically that we could make this decision. We cannot thank everyone enough for the love and support that we have received over the past 2 years of Ava. We still continue with this support and we are beyond thankful for it. We will be back and forth many times to visit with our close friends and family here in fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton area. We will continue to update Ava on her progress 😊❤️