Monday, May 7

We got discharged from the Stollery last week to home. It has been a roller coaster, adjusting to a new normal again; but so far things are going great. Ava is so excited to be sleeping in her nursery, in her own crib. It is very busy with dressing changes to her perineum wound as we have to do them every time Ava pees. She tolerates them so well. Landon and I finally got in a routine of how to organize all her supplies and do this independently. We are seeing progress with healing which is really good. Her colostomy is so far working good too.

Home care comes twice a week to help give supplies and keep track of progress and provide any help we need. She has about 2 appointments a week so far at the Stollery and we have to send pictures to the surgeon every couple days to keep updated. She is eating her solids and formula; trying new foods. Her favourite is still her cereal and pears in the morning. Also Ava’s first tooth has came in last week!

We had turned our third bedroom into a play room for her to create a fun space for all her toys; We all love it. She is tolerating short spurts sitting on her bum to play. We can’t wait for the green light to give her full baths, sit in high chair, and go in her jolly jumper. Will be a while yet, but really looking forward to it.

One thought on “Monday, May 7

  1. It is hard to believe just how strong Ava is (body, mind, and spirit!) given she is so little. So thankful that you can all be home together. And glad to have the updates. Love to you all. Joyce


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